Trainer Profiles.

John Coad (Co-owner)



I just love crossfit,its heaps of fun and yields the best fitness

results against any other fitness/strength and conditioning

program I've ever tried. I've trained at other commercial gyms

and got bored and stagnant. This is constantly evolving and can

challenge you every day in ways you normally wouldn't push

yourself...I'm a proud father of 2 beautiful girls and wouldn't

be where I am today without my wife Sarah. I raced motocross for 10+

years and have competed at state and national events, as well as a

keen interest in surfing, cycling (MTN/Road) and anything competitive

and look to build a positive and happy culture of athletes of all 

abilities enjoying our gym and CrossFit respectively.

-CF Level 2 Trainer.

-CrossFit Football Certificate.

-CrossFit Weightlifting Certificate.

-CrossFit Strongman Certificate.

-Senior Advanced First Aid

Sarah Coad




I have worked in the fitness industry for 7+ years. Upon being 

introduced to CrossFit was blown away and loved the community

side of everything.  This is a great way to train, also a fantastic way

to enjoy our training with everyone else in the group. As a mother of 2

its awesome to see mums getting back into fitness and getting

their confidence back...

-CF Level 1 Trainer.

-CF Strongman Cert.

-Senior Apply First aid Cert.

-Cert 3 and 4 in fitness.


Lisa Lake.




 My passion for CrossFit began after doing my first WOD at CF189 in Feb 2013.

What I love about CrossFit is there are so many elements and skills to learn that

you never get bored, you're constantly challenged and humbled and you can

achieve far beyond what you believe you're capable of doing,all while having fun.

  I enjoy competing and have been competitive in a number of sports including

horse riding,netball,touch football,martial arts and competive bodybuilding.

 However , I quickly found CrossFit to be my sport of choice...

As passionate as I am about competing I'm just as passionate about sharing it

I love helping people learn and improve skills, achieve goals and become stronger

and more confident.


-CF Level 1 Trainer Cert.

-CF Gymnastics Trainer Cert.

-CF Weightlifting Trainer Cert.

-Nutrition for Personal Trainers cert.

-Senior Apply First Aid and CPR.


Competitive Achievements.

 -Schwartz Challenge 2014 - 31st Place.

-Semper Paratis Indv - 11th Place.

-Validus Battle of the barbell- 1st Place.

-CF Games Regionals 2014 - 38th Place.

-CF Games Open 2014(Aus reg) - 45th Place.

-Personal Best test 2nd Place.

-Battle in the Switch 2013 - 1st Place. 




































































































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