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Pull Up Progression

Are you chasing your first pull up, or do you want to increase your pull up strength and/or capacity?

There is a Pull Up Progression on the whiteboard, programmed for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This extra work can be done either...
• before the workout as a warm up
• after the workout as accessory work
• during the workout as a superset with Part A

CONSISTENCY IS KEY in this program, you need to make the extra time and effort for this work in addition to your daily training for at least 6-8 weeks to see results.

Speak to John or Lis if you're interested.

Plan your sickies now!

We have 3 in house competitions planned for this year so GET EXCITED.

Saturday 21st March - Choose Your Own Pairs comp
Saturday 27th June - Liftoff 3.0
Saturday 26th September - Teams of 4 (Lucky Dip)


2020 Open

189 Cream of the Crop will be in full swing again. We will let you know when dates are released.